Thank you for being interested in our services. Our aim is to meet your specific needs and capture your story in a unique and personal way that best realizes your vision. I’ve been filming and photographing weddings, events, families, and commercials for over 10 years in various states, countries and continents. The thing I care about most is capturing what’s important to you. Take as much time as you need and feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Steve, owner | 540.336.4377


Wedding Films

We try to use several different filming techniques to best suit the mood. Whether it's real super8 film, modern cinema cameras, drones, slow motion, or time lapse - the goal is to accentuate the feeling and essence of the moment.

The music we use is written, recorded or commissioned by us. It's a way to stay unique and original. If you wish to use other music, simply ask.

We're here to help you have the best wedding day possible, and capture that day in a way that best fits your style.

from $4900

Wedding Photos

The same attention to detail from our videos can be found in our photography. A similar style is translated onto still images.

We like to keep poses natural and relaxed. We want to focus on capturing as much of you as possible. Keeping the energy moving, fresh, and creative is the most important thing.

We primarily use high end digital cameras, but we also offer film options, including medium format, to offer a unique way to artfully capture your day in analogue mediums in this digital age.

from $4900

Commercial Work

Coffee roasters, schools, documentaries, restaurants, farms, musicians, food trucks, resorts, real estate, gyms, banks, etc.

We like to tell compelling, professional narratives that translate well into business, marketing, and other professional environments. When possible, we tell stories in the context and the impact that organizations can have on the communities around them.

We can put a fresh light on whatever it is that you do, and help you tell people what you're passionate about.

Price varies

Video Option 1


1 Videographer

Short or long highlight film

Complete coverage of ceremony & toasts

6 hrs $4,900 | 8 hrs $5,700 | 10 hrs $6,600


Video Option 2


2 Videographers

More flexibility and creative shots

Highlight, Ceremony, and Toasts

6 hrs $5,700 | 8 hrs $6,600 | 10 hrs $7,500

Photography Option 1


1 Photographer

400-800 edited images

Rights to print, download, share photos

6 hrs $4,900 | 8 hrs $5,700 | 10 hrs $6,600


Photography Option 2


2 Photographers

Approximately 400-900 edited images

Rights to print, download, share photos

6 hrs $5,700 | 8 hrs $6,600 | 10 hrs $7,500


Photo + Video Option 1


2 Versatile Operators  (Photo/Video)

Everything from Photography Option 1

Everything from Video Option 1

6 hrs $9,000 | 8h. $10,200 | 10h. $11,500


Photo + Video Option 2


3 Photo/Video operators

Photo Option 2, Video Option 1

Video priority tailoring also available

6 hr $9,800 | 8 hr $11,300 | 10 hr $12,700



Additional Operator – $1,300

Overtime hours – $900/hr

Super 8 film – $400/roll

Film photography (any format) – $200/3 rolls

Rehearsal coverage- up to 6 hours – $3,200

Raw footage w/ drive – $1,500

Multi-cam Live Stream – $1,500

Engagements or portraits – $600/hr + travel

Engagements w/contract – $100/hr + travel


Travel & Adjustments

Travel is complimentary for all weddings.
There will never be any additional travel fees even if dog sleds are involved.

Sometimes price adjustments can be made for special circumstances. Are you getting married in Northern Virginia? Are you a Veteran? Are you  getting married off-season?

Please inquire.



Micro – Weddings


Are you planning something a little different?

We have separate packages and options better suited to quirkier events. 

Check out the link below.